Romanian National Post Company S.A.

The following works were carried out on this project:

  • Installation of burglary security system;
  • Video surveillance system installation;
  • Access control.

Burglar alarm systems are the best choice if you want to protect and secure certain property, your home and your family, or your entire business. They discourage unauthorized intrusion into various premises, detect the conditions for fire and gas leakage, limit, in a word, the risk of damage, protect people’s lives and last but not least, reduce the value of the insurance premium. Taking into account the level of risk of burglary, the places or goods protected and the assessment of their contents, alarm systems can be classified by security degrees.

In general, the elements that need protection are first of all the access roads to the personal home or company (doors and windows) and secondly the interior spaces. Based on these things, alarm systems must contain certain components: Detection and alarm control panel; Motion detectors; Broken glass detectors; Vibration detectors; Magnetic contacts keyboard; Infrared barriers; Audio and optical warning systems; Remote alarm elements (gsm, telephone communicator, connection interface to the surveillance dispatcher); Accumulators.

Video surveillance systems have become very popular lately. This is because they allow internet, business or home surveillance using a laptop or even a mobile phone. It also contributed to the fact that the installation and configuration of such a system became much easier, in addition, the costs of the component equipment of a high-performance video surveillance system decreased considerably. In order to increase the security of individuals and legal entities and to protect the assets of their patrimony, INFO SERVICE & COMPUTERS installs and monitors state-of-the-art video surveillance systems. These systems are easy to install and do not generate major investments in software or other ancillary equipment for customers. The video surveillance systems offered by INFO SERVICE & COMPUTERS are adapted to the current requirements of the market and are updated according to the evolution of technology.

Access control systems are one of the safest and most effective ways to protect a target by restricting the access of people or vehicles to the site. Its functions provide the administration with rigorous control of access to important areas, highlighting the activity through detailed reports.

Depending on the type of communication, access control equipment may operate independently or in a network.

Funcționarea independenta (standalone) asigura accesul pe baza autorizării pre programate, fără înregistrarea sau transferul evenimentelor de acces. Aceste echipamente oferă un set minimal de funcții fiind destinate zonelor cu securitate scăzută sau medie.

Funcționarea în rețea (RS 485 sau Ethernet) permite stocarea evenimentelor de acces în memoria locală a cititorului și apoi transferarea spre un calculator de administrare. Acest lucru permite extinderea funcționalității cu accesul în intervale orare predefinite și prin anumite uși pe baza unor profile.

Complexitatea sistemelor este determinată de cele patru componente principale: metodă de identificare, echipamentele electronice pentru comandă, dispozitivele pentru blocarea accesului și software administrare.

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