The following installation works were carried out:

  • Installation of fire detection and warning system;
  • Burglar alarm system installation;
  • Installation of networking and voice-data equipment.

The contract also involved the provision of facilities and equipment: Multimedia and computer equipment, Furniture, Equipment and facilities for thematic rooms.

Fire alarm and detection systems are absolutely necessary for the protection of material goods, but also of life. There are two types of fire alarm systems, namely conventional fire alarm systems and addressable fire alarm systems.

Conventional alarm and early detection systems are generally used for small buildings where it is not absolutely necessary to identify each alarm detector on the control panel display panel.

Addressable fire alarm and detection systems are intended for large buildings and building assemblies, each addressable fire alarm sensor can be identified from the addressable control panel display panel.

Addressable fire alarm and detection systems are intelligent systems consisting of fire detection and alarm control panels with addressable detector loops, addressable smoke and temperature detectors, addressable fire alarm buttons, conventional detector addressing modules or specials such as smoke barriers, other control modules for smoke hatches, addressable or conventional fire alarm sirens.

Addressable fire alarm and detection systems with detector loops have a number of advantages over conventional systems:

  1. In case of cutting or breaking a cable, the fire alarm system is still fully functional – with broken cable status signaling;
  2. In the event of a short circuit between the wires, the fire alarm system is operational if the detectors have an integrated short circuit isolator.

Among the most important projects of alarm and fire detection systems, installed and programmed by us are the following manufacturers: Schrack, Siemens, Bosch, Esser, Aritech, Polon-Alfa, Teletek, Helios, etc., systems mounted in warehouses, office buildings, industrial halls, hospitals, malls, etc.

Burglar alarm systems are the best choice if you want to protect and secure certain property, your home and your family, or your entire business. They discourage unauthorized intrusion into various premises, detect the conditions for fire and gas leakage, limit, in a word, the risk of damage, protect people’s lives and last but not least, reduce the value of the insurance premium. Taking into account the level of risk of burglary, the places or goods protected and the assessment of their contents, alarm systems can be classified by security degrees.

In general, the elements that need protection are first of all the access roads to the personal home or company (doors and windows) and secondly the interior spaces. Based on these things, alarm systems must contain certain components: Detection and alarm control panel; Motion detectors; Broken glass detectors; Vibration detectors; Magnetic contacts keyboard; Infrared barriers; Audio and optical warning systems; Remote alarm elements (gsm, telephone communicator, connection interface to the surveillance dispatcher); Accumulators.

Data voice systems are one of the most important components of the modern communications system, without which a professional activity nowadays can no longer be carried out.

Data voice systems are complex installations, consisting of cable infrastructures (UTP, fiber optics, multi-pair telephone cable, etc.), central equipment (telephone exchanges, servers, switches, routers, media converters, etc.) and equipment for work (voice-data sockets, telephone exchanges, PCs, tablets, smartphones, smart-TVs, video cameras, etc.)

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