ANL Caracal

We performed the following works:

  • Electrical installations

We make electrical and electronic installations for civil and industrial constructions. The works will consist of the practical part that will be carried out according to a project of the beneficiary or according to one of an authorized company. In addition, in case the project does not contain, test and verification works of the installation / system will be drawn up, drawing up the minutes with the related technical measurements. At the same time, operating and maintenance documents can be prepared for the sustainable operation of the systems and equipment.

Types of services we perform:

  • Manufacturing or modernization of Electrical Distribution and Automation Boards;
  • Replacement or repair of lighting fixtures;
  • Installation of electrical switches, electrical outlets, internet outlets and television outlets;
  • Establishment of distribution networks for internet and television services.

Maintenance services we perform:

  • Priority in the requested interventions;
  • Prompt and quality services regardless of the degree of difficulty or the type of contract;
  • ANRE qualified and authorized personnel;
  • Expert advice.


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